2021 - Week 6

You might notice a time skip between weeks 5 and 6! Last week was quite hectic for me. This whole summer has been stressful, far more than last year, but it hit a breaking point last week and I had to take a break. Luckily I’m working with wonderful people who fully understand burnout!

This week I took it slow because I didn’t want to aggravate any lingering burnout. And by “slow” I mean… I got to attend a virtual conference! The TESS Science Conference II was held from August 2nd through 6th and it contained loads of helpful workshops and panels and discussions. I even presented a poster on my pre-classifier from last year! Conferences like these are so important for undergrads, and making it online meant that I was able to attend. If it was in person, I’m not sure I would have had the energy for it. Since Covid is still here, I think virtual will be the option for a while, but I hope conferences in the future keep online options available.

Written on August 6, 2021