2021 - Week 5

I have a list of periods that are decently accurate! I could spend time manually fixing them, but that is a lot of time. The next step is using the periods to isolate the eclipses (both the primary and the secondary) and clip them to a window size with the maximum eclipse depth in the center. Since eclipses can vary even within the same system, taking snapshots of each eclipse gives us more data to train on. If we have a light curve with 10 eclipses in it, and we isolate all 10 eclipses, then we now have 10 eclipses instead of one light curve. This allows us to slide through a light curve comparing each eclipse in the training data with the data points in the curve! Plus it can give us more accurate results when the model determines the eclipse depth of the light curve we feed it. :)

Written on July 23, 2021