2021 - Week 2

Not a lot of programming got done this week, but a lot of literature review is still productive! For those looking back on this blog, this week was not a good one. A massive heatwave swept much of the US, especially the pacific northwest. For four days, I could not use my laptop during the day without overheating (and there are only so many chai lattes I can buy at coffee shops before I spend all my DREU stipend!). Luckily my mentor gave me several papers to keep me occupied last week, which made the heatwave somewhat bearable. Unfortunately, as soon as the heatwave lifted, I faced another catastrophe: my internet broke. Thankfully, I still had more reading to do, and I fixed my internet just in time for the fourth of July.

But what did I read? Well, I took a look at a paper that had a similar goal to mine: the ‘Stella Paper’ by Adina Feinstein. Stella is a software package that uses a machine learning model to look for extrasolar flares, which are solar flares on distant stars. It is similar to what I am doing, only instead of looking for dips in brightness, they’re looking for steep spikes of brightness. It’s a fantastic paper that helped me develop a goal! With this paper in mind, I was able to narrow down my goals for the summer and start planning milestones.

Written on July 2, 2021