2021 - Week 1

Hello again DREU, I missed you! I had a fantastic summer last year! I did loads of research that made me even more excited about graduate school. I also presented that research at several conferences! The biggest win for my DREU project came from NCWIT, though… I won an honorable mention for the NCWIT Collegiate Award! They sent me a fancy trophy and everything!

I’m looking for another fun summer of research that expands on what I did last year, and I’m hoping to continue presenting that research at conferences. Last year we didn’t get the scope of the project narrow enough, but this summer, the goal is to create a software package for astronomers that will let them put in a light curve (change in brightness over time) and tell them whether there is an eclipse or not. This software package will use a machine learning model that I will have to create, which is a big deal! Time to hit the ground running.

Written on June 25, 2021